Alex the Allegator 4


Alex the Allegator is a series of games that I, Johan Peitz, usually use for game coding challenges like Speedhack and Ludumdare: Alex the Allegator 1: A very short platform game for one or two players. Jump around the short lavel and try to find your dreamgirl Lola. Alex the Allegator 2: A puzzle board game for one or two players. Place your tokens in turn on the board or slide a row or column. All in order to wipe the board from your own tokens. But beware, once the all the tokens of any player are gone, you must also have the highest score to beat your opponent. Alex the Allegator 3 - Radioactive Racers: A somewhat finished racing game featuring Alex and his friends racing on silppery roads in search for something that can cure the lads hurt by radioactive wastes. Alex the Allegator 4: In the latest installment of the series Alex travels through the jungle in search of his kidnapped girlfriend. Plenty of classic platforming in four nice colors guaranteed!

How to play?


Date Package Version Arch Size Download
20-10-2013Alex the Allegator 41.1 r1x863.46 MB (latest)


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