Eschalon Book I


Eschalon: Book I is a classic role-playing game experience that will take you across massive outdoor environments and deep into sprawling dungeons as you seek to uncover the mystery of who - or what - you are. A tile-built, turn-based game world where the result of absolutely every action is rolled, calculated or statistically determined. Hundreds of items and dozens of creatures await your discovery. Choose from 24 unique skills to make the character you want and 8 base attributes that affect your character's every action throughout the game. A non-linear storyline.

How to play?


Date Package Version Arch Size Download
09-03-2014Eschalon Book I (demo)1.06 r1x8681.60 MB (latest)
08-12-2013Eschalon Book I (demo) r1x8681.60 MB


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