Hedgewars, is a multiplayer turn based strategy game in comic style. The players control a team of hedgehogs whose goal it is to eliminate all the other teams. Each team starts with a large arsenal of movement tools and weapons from which some of them are outright bizarre, like the melon bomb. In the course of the game, many hedgehogs will die and the landscape will be completely damaged. Mines and barrels which are cluttered all over the landscape make the game even more explosive. Occaccionally some supply crates drop to help you (or your enemy) win. There is also a singleplayer campaign and a bunch of missions which have their own goals which differ from the usual “kill the enemy teams” goal. You usually have to use your wits or your aiming skills to master them. Campaigns and missions are based on Lua scripts and can therefore be user-created. If you wish, Hedgewars automatically saves replays of all the games you’ve played so you can view them again later. Alternatively, you also may let Hedgewars make a screenrecording and directly export it into a video file. The game is highly customizable. You can choose which weapons the teams start with and how many of them. You can select under which rules exactly you want to play. There are many rules to choose from, for example, how many barrels there are in a landscape. Some other rules also change the goal. For example, in “King Mode” all teams have a king and a team is defeated when the king dies. Besides the standard rules to choose from, it is also possible to create entire new game modes with Lua scripting. Those also may have completely other rules. Some additional game modes are shipped with Hedgewars by default. The landscape can either be randomly generated or be based on a PNG image or it can be drawn ad hoc. It is also possible to create your own landscape themes. The hedgehogs are customizable as well: You can change the voices of your hedgehogs, change the flags of your team, choose a hat, and to change the hedgehog’s gravestones.

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Date Package Version Arch Size Download
11-03-2013Hedgewars0.9.18 r3x86146.00 MB (latest)
21-11-2012Hedgewars0.9.18 r1x86136.81 MB


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