Mari0 is mix of the jump’n’run and puzzle platformer genres. You control a character called “Mario” who carries a thing called “portal gun” all the time. The portal gun is a device which can “shoot” two bidirectional portals at walls which teleport everything from the one portal to the another, while keeping the momentum. Mario has to watch out for enemies whose only goal is to kill Mario. Additionally, Mario may collect bonuses like a mushroom which makes him bigger and a fire flower which gives him the ability to shoot fireballs. There are also a number of puzzle-elements like buttons and doors. The game features old-school jump’n’run levels where the portal gun is just a nice extra as well as puzzle levels where you have to think to finish a level. The game has a built-in level editor and a mechanism to easily download level packs made by the community. The game also has a cooperative local multiplayer mode for up to four players. The game is a cross of Super Mario Bros. and Portal 2.

How to play?


Date Package Version Arch Size Download
22-09-2013Mari01.6 r3x8612.48 MB (latest)
11-03-2013Mari01.6 r2x86 13.00 MB
08-11-2012Mari01.6 r1x867.25 MB


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