Myth II


Myth II is a real time tactical game based on squad and unit management rather than resource gathering and expansion. Thanks to a realistic physics engine and meticulous unit balance, gameplay is highly varied and flexible. Your success or failure will be dictated by clear planning, an understanding of the terrain and an ability to mobilise your troops effectively; brute force alone will likely get you killed. Originally released by Bungie in 1998, Myth defined a completely new genre. However, with today's standards in hardware, the game has grown somewhat dated. With development now the responsibility of the community, Project Magma have brought Myth up to date. It's now playable on all current hardware and boasts some exciting new features that have hardly affected the system requirements.

How to play?


Date Package Version Arch Size Download
18-03-2013Myth II Demo1.3e r1-lokix8663.56 MB (latest)


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