When evil aliens invade the galaxy, it is up to you and your fleet of decommissioned starfighters to drive them back. Pilot your nimble thrust ship through tense battles and tight spaces. Hone your piloting skills, rescue survivors, solve puzzles, blow up gobs of baddies, witness the horrors that lurk in the darkest corners of the galaxy, and make it out alive. Retrobooster is a survival shooter of old school proportions. Do you like games that don't challenge you until level four? Well, forget about it. Retrobooster will not be soft for the first few levels just to make you feel good. And the aliens will not scratch their heads, waiting for you to blast them. Why? Because when you're all grown up, toiling on some dirty asteroid a parsec past nowhere, and the real alien apocalypse happens, you need to be ready.

How to play?


Date Package Version Arch Size Download
09-04-2015Retrobooster0.9.1 r1x86109.95 MB (latest)


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